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How Challenging is Earning an Online Degree?

Friday, June 18, 2021

Online courses are known for the flexibility they grant students. They are also just as, if not more, rigorous as traditional, on-campus courses.

An online degree is both easy and challenging.

Affordability, ease, and flexibility. These are some of the most sought-after perks of online courses. Students who enroll in online degrees can skip the fees involved with having to relocate to a new city or country, access their course material anywhere at any time as long as they have a mobile device and internet connection, and manage personal and professional commitments while completing online subjects.

In addition to the benefits it offers, online learning also demands greater commitment and responsibility from students. Online courses require that students know how to be independently proactive, responsible, and organized.

Online students are independently proactive, meaning that they are able to push themselves to accomplish their goals and go above and beyond in their subjects without constant, in-person reminders from professors. While Saint Leo professors are of the highest caliber, it is ultimately up to students to act independently on what they are taught. In a typical, on-campus program, students are constantly reminded of the tasks that they need to accomplish. Online students have access to the same academic resources, and it is up to them to make sure they take advantage of all the opportunities their university has to offer.

Students who choose to study online are also highly responsible. Online learners are able to manage personal engagements and professional commitments on top of their educational undertakings. Successful online students take the flexibility that online learning offers them and use it to their advantage so they may be able to accomplish the goals they set for themselves in all aspects of their lives.

In addition to being proactive and responsible, online learners must also be organized. Each person has their own methods and strategies for organization, and no two people organize themselves in the exact, same way. However, it is absolutely necessary for online students to develop an organizational system that works for them. As online students are enrolled in multiple subjects at once, they will learn how to organize their time efficiently so they can complete assignments on time and fully prepare for exams. Organization is key to succeeding in the completion of an online degree and is even more of an asset for students who are overseeing family and professional commitments outside of class.

With a commitment to being proactive, responsible, and organized, online students are guaranteed success in their distance learning ventures. 

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