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How to choose the right social media marketing program for a successful career

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Marketing can help you build business both online and offline. But how do you choose the right program for your career? 

With digitization, it has become easy for large companies to directly connect with consumers, however they rely on professionals with savvy marketing skills to do so in a meaningful way. With rising demand for experts in digital marketing and social media, many reputed universities have put forth a variety of professional degree programs. But how can you differentiate between a mediocre and a well-structured program that has the potential to catapult your career? There are several factors to consider before you enroll and commit yourself to a social media marketing program. 

1. Understand your goals: Is social media marketing something that you truly wish to pursue or are you simply hopping on the bandwagon? Will this be your main career pathway or a source to earn extra income? Sit with yourself and reflect to understand the amount of time and monetary investment you are willing to put in and if social media is truly your passion. 

 2. Know the higher education institution well:  Before enrolling in a program, learn about the background of the institution. Understanding the history of the university and the career pathways taken up by the graduates of that institution are big indicators of the kind of education you might be getting. Besides this, the types of internships the institution offers bear testimony to its brand value and its rapport with big companies. 

3. Learn about the faculty members: Are the teachers and mentors experts in their respective fields with real world experience? How long have they been working with digital marketing or social media marketing? What are their respective alma maters? The answer to all of these questions will determine whether they will be helpful as they guide you through your degree program and prepare you for a career in their field.  

4. Compare curriculums: Compare the different curriculums offered by various institutions. Be sure to look out for curriculums incorporating case studies and that cover important topics such as introduction to keyword search tools, different approaches to various social media platforms, strategizing marketing campaigns and so much more. 

5. Compare fee structures: Analyze the duration of the programs and the amount of money you’ll need to invest. Do they offer flexible payment plans and 0% finance? Will you need to relocate or commute to university? 

Businesses in all sectors rely on digital platforms for a profitable growth and therefore compensate digital and social media marketing professionals handsomely. Currently, marketing performed on digital platforms is giving rise to a variety of roles: - 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist 

  • Pay per click analyst 

  • Web developer 

  • Social media marketing specialist 

  • Data analyst 

  • Digital marketing manager 

How can Saint Leo University help you in making a stellar career in Marketing? 

As a highly revered name, Saint Leo University is one of the premier educational institutions in Florida. Students are enrolling from all across the globe and it offers a variety of courses in marketing. 

Join Saint Leo’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing to gain a foundation in business and the backbone of business growth – marketing. If you’re looking for a shorter course to boost your career and upskill, you may be interested in our Growth Marketing Bootcamp., in which you can graduate with a qualification in just 6 months. 

For those looking to expand their education, Saint Leo’s MBA in Social Media Marketing gives you a solid foundation in business with a deep dive into social media marketing to help you work in the most in-demand fields. Meanwhile, the MBA in Marketing focuses on a variety of traditional marketing techniques, in addition to modern digital marketing tools.  

Saint Leo’s 100% online programs mean you can sign up for any of the digital marketing programs while you continue with you job. So apply today to start venturing into the promising world of social media marketing.

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