a comprehensive education can develop your professional profile

How can an interdisciplinary education enhance your professional profile?

Friday, June 18, 2021

Saint Leo University deepens students learning through general "University Exploration" subjects.

Nowadays, coming into the labor force with an interdisciplinary background is a key asset. This allows a highly trained professional in a specific field to move into another industry if they choose to. Saint Leo seeks to equip our students with this flexibility and well-rounded knowledge. 

The general University Exploration curriculum is a set of general education subjects designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in a variety of topics. In addition, Saint Leo University subjects are imbued with the knowledge of Benedictine values and a focus on the liberal arts and sciences. It is an education aimed at understanding what it takes to be successful in academics and throughout life. 

Within the program, knowledge in writing, mathematics, and computer science is also provided. Subjects in these areas prepare students to express themselves clearly and intelligently and to write academic texts. They also learn how to use design programs, spreadsheets, manage presentations and databases.

In addition, students will develop skills in quantitative reasoning, greater proficiency in a logical progression, an understanding of the scientific structure and its applications, and an increased ability to effectively use mathematical formulas.

Upon program completion, students will be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in their work environment.
  • Demonstrate quantitative skills.
  • Understand the functioning of living things and physical systems and their relationship with the environment.
  • Have knowledge of diverse communities and varied belief systems, as well as the values and norms that govern their behaviors.
  • Understand the historical, political, and economic context of phenomena.
  • Value the diverse forms of human expression.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively, using methods ranging from active listening and articulate speech to critical reading and clear writing.
  • Understand Catholic and Benedictine-inspired values and traditions.

University Explorations is composed of 42 credits in total, of which 12 credits pertain to basic knowledge in writing, mathematics, and computer skills. Likewise, the remaining 30 credits are distributed in 5 areas related to liberal arts and sciences.  The comprehensive knowledge offered through University Explorations is a key to professional success for all Saint Leo students.

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