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How to make the most of my online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree?

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

online bachelor in psychology

BA in psychology is designed to teach you the basic principles in this field and help you explore it in a variety of different possible careers.

Psychology is an exciting field for students who intend to counsel, teach, research, and or social work. The best part about the field of psychology is that there is a huge scope of possible careers. In the increasingly competitive job market where good education opens gates to better opportunities, this degree helps create a full spectrum of career options for those interested in human behavior. 

Psychology: A versatile bachelor’s degree

 What is the most common misunderstanding about online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology? Well, it's that you can only use it as a prerequisite for further schooling. While it is a great option for those looking to further their education in clinical psychology, there are plenty of career options for graduates of psychology degrees right after graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Career Options

As a psychology student, you will gain foundational knowledge about human behavior and social interactions to help you better understand the mind. Saint Leo’s undergraduate program in psychology provides you with a complete overview of the field to prepare you for a variety of career opportunities, such as: 


  • Child care worker - As a child care worker, you will be involved in activities that support the proper growth and development of children. 

  • Substance abuse counselor - Substance abuse counselors have to be very empathetic. You will need to understand behaviors and show how one can change their life if one chooses counseling sessions.

  • Social service specialist - Your main goal will be to work towards improving lives by working through psychological issues. A social service specialist performs duties such as training and handling clients recovering from traumatic incidents.

  • Market researcher - As a market researcher, you would help clients understand their target customers via different activities. 

  • Career counselors- A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology comes in handy while working as a career counselor. This job requires understanding the potentials of an individual to guide them in the correct career path.

  • Recruiter- While this may not seem to psychology, a deep understanding of human behavior and actions is essential to help companies hire the best talent for their workplace. 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Saint Leo University 

Saint Leo’s undergraduate psychology program is 100% online and provides a well-rounded education for a variety of potential careers. 

Become an expert in human behavior and learn how to use your skills, knowledge, and experiences to help others. A degree from an accredited American university will open doors for you - making you more employable and on your way to a salary boost.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information about our online programs at You can also WhatsApp us at +1 603-263-5244 or give us a call at +919899087019.

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