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Graduating from college is one of life's highlights. As one of the first students of Saint Leo's online Spanish degrees, you have the opportunity to not only graduate from an accredited U.S. institution, but to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony in the United States to celebrate this incredible achievement.

The top 25 graduates of Saint Leo University's online Spanish-language programs will be flown to join Saint Leo's in-person commencement ceremony in Florida. If more than 25 graduates finish at the same time, the students with the highest academic standing will be considered the "top 25".

Requirements that students must meet to be eligible:

  • Be graduates of Saint Leo's fully online Spanish-language programs offered to students in Latin America.
  • Be among the first 25 students to graduate. If more than 25 students graduate at the same time, the students with the top 25 grades will be selected.
  • Be able to independently obtain a VISA to enter the United States to attend graduation.
  • Must have graduated from their Saint Leo undergraduate programs within five (5) years of the March 2021 academic term to be eligible for this offer.
  • Graduate is defined as: a person who has met the academic conditions for the conferral of a degree and is in goorompend financial standing with the university.

Need more information?

Need more information?